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Asset Management Services

Asset Management System (AMS) for various types of infrastructure can be implemented for a geographic spread like a nation or a state or a city. This system can be applied for type of assets i.e. bridges, airports, dams, etc. This system enables asset owners to manage their assets in a very scientific manner. This starts with inventory of a particular type the assets. This is done on the most global manner so that all assets of the clients are properly given classification number as per their geography, importance, nature, status, capacity etc.

Inventory of all assets under the management program shall ensure that each structure / unit has a unique classification code which shall represent the same on a map of area / city / state. Classification is supported by with unique parameters such as classification number, structural rating number, socio-economic rating number so on and so forth.

On identifying the present status of the structure, based on inputs provided from the inventory, an inspection system is designed. Such inspection is either Routine or Detailed, which shall be unique for each and every structure. Based on this inspection system and outcomes of the inspection, a maintenance module is designed. The purpose and need for each Inspection and maintenance module is specific and this logic is used to define each module.

Remedial measures are defined and specified based on the occurrence and most of the symptoms of distress are addressed; before they assume alarming proportions. AMS helps the client in evolving budgetary estimates for each structure and in turn for the entire inventory.

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